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All pigs must die är klara med nya plattan

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“The new record is complete. We are beyond satisfied with the terrifying noise that was captured at Godcity”, rapporterar bandet via Twitter. Wow. Det här blir skiva nummer tre som jag redan väntar på 2011. De andra är de nya släppen med Converge och New Lows.

Let’s hope for a godsmacking hardcore new year.



Best of the best in the year of 2010 – top six!

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This was the year when I really found interest in heavy music again. I went to hardcore shows, I went to metal shows and I actually started to BUY records again. It’s been fun. It’s like the heavy and aggressive music is more necessary today, when I have a busy and sometimes exhausting life, compared with my life a couple of years ago. My kids (I love you more than life) have forced me to find my way back to the kind of music that fills me with energy and helps me sweat out all that stress and anxiety we all have to deal with sometimes. The albums, ep’s and demos listed below have made 2010 a better year. I know I have missed a lot of great bands throughout the year but hey, there’s a new one waiting just around the corner.

The best of the best of 2010 was:

NAILS - Unsilent death

1. Nails “Unsilent death” was the best album coming out this year. Hardcore like hardcore should be played. Heavy, fast, hard and catchy in a very crusty way. Makes me wanna scream and destroy things. Well done Southern Lord Records!

2. Wormrot “Abuse”. Put Singapore on the grindcore map for good. Hell what a blast!

3. All pigs must die 12″. Angry. Heavy. Dynamic. We’ll hear more in 2011…

4. High on fire “Snakes for the divine”. The masters of sludge did it again.

5. Coke Bust “Lines in the sand”. The lp came out last year (which is the one I have) but the cd came out 2010. Awesome hardcore punk. Straight in the face. These guys don’t play fast, they play faster.

6. Watain “Lawless darkness”. You can hear they are satanists for real. Takes you on a trip to the darkness beyond cosmos.

Other great stuff worth mentioning.

Converge “Axe to fall”. I know it’s from 2009 but it’s so damn good it has to be here anyway. I haven’t really understood the greatness of this band until this year.

Kylesa “Spiral shadow”. One of my favorite bands. But I haven’t started to love this album as much as I love “Static tension” yet.

Kvelertak “s/t”. Norwegian godless punkmetal.

Arson Anthem “Security Notoriety”. Hardcore PUNK. Exemplary raw production.

Alpha & Omega “Life swallower”. Los Angeles metallic hardcore. What riffs.

Electric Wizard “Black masses”. Sounds like a… black mass.

Bombus “s/t”. Gothenburg doom groove.

Out of hope “Demo”. Swedish hardcore to come.

Southern Lord Records deserve the award for being this years best hardcore label. SLR could have had three more albums among the top six. Thou “Summit”, The Secret “Solve et coagula” and Masakari “Prophet feeds” are all fantastic.

This we’ll be on the best of list for 2011… Released in January.

Dagens näve – Seven sisters of sleep

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Långt ifrån allt är glatt i Kalifornien. Lyssna bara på Seven sisters of sleep och deras doomcrust som minner lite om Integrity. Svinbra. Finns utgivet på A389.

Dagens näve – Coughing Fit

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Nytt lyssnartips. I dag från Albany i New York. Bandet spelar enligt egen utsago hardcore/punk/thrash och heter Coughing Fit. Bra. Mycket bra.

Värt en näve – Duress

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Myspace går snart i graven, säger vissa. Men när det gäller att hitta alternativ och outgiven musik är forumet än så länge oslagbart. Från och med nu tänker jag börja tipsa om bra band jag kunnat lyssna på tack vare Myspace. Till att börja med siktar jag på minst ett tips i veckan. Här är det första.
Bandet heter Duress, spelar arg hardcorepunk och kommer från Chicago. En stad som man ska hålla ögonen på om man är intresserad av ny hardcore, enligt Nicktape i Coke Bust.

Art4punks – skivomslagsrecensioner

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Här får ni ett tips på en trevlig blogg. Den heter Art4punks och görs av kille i Los Angeles (det har varit mycket LA här ett tag nu) som är inne på punk och design. Han recenserar skivor med jämna mellanrum, men utan att säga speciellt mycket om musiken. Han gör i stället mycket ingående beskrivningar av skivomslagen. Punkvinyler på små bolag är i fokus. Det var genom den här bloggen som jag först fick höra talas om eminenta All pigs must die.

Interview with Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore

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I got to hear Touche Amore for the first time when the band played a show at Kafé 44 in Stockholm a while ago. It was a rejuvenating experience. Their sound put me back to the 90’s. In a good way. It’s passionate hardcore with a lot of influences from the indie pop world without losing the rawness. After been listening to their lp “To the beat of a dead horse” for a couple of days I felt that I had to send the band some interview questions. Their frontman and singer Jeremy Bolm wrote the answers.
Håll till godo.

Touche Amore with singer Jeremy Bolm Foto: Nicole C. Kibert

1. The first time I listened to your lp “To the beat of a dead horse ” I got a feeling of being a teenager again. Your sound reminded me of band from the 90’s like Lincoln or the swedish band Outstand. Is that something you have tried to achieve?
– We are definitely influenced by a lot of 90s post-hardcore/screamo bands. When we started that was the sound we wanted to focus on, but I think the hardcore kids inside of us also played a big role.
2. To me your lyrics is more literal and personal than the average hardcore song. What is your perspective on the lyrics?
– I just write whats on my mind or what I’m going through at that moment. I try not to sugarcoat things. I’m being direct for a reason.
3. You have recently been a member of the Deathwish inc family. Does that mean that Kurt Ballou is producing your next album?
– As much as we are all fans of Kurt’s recordings, we are not doing our record with him. We’re still securing the producer but if we get who we’re trying for, it’s going to be quite the incredible experience.
4. You can hear that your voice hasn’t been trained to sing, which I love. Please say that you’re keeping the raw sound of it on the next record as well. There so many bands that overproduce their albums.
– Oh wow, thats a compliment because I actually can not sing to save my life. If I could I wouldnt be playing punk music (kidding!). I wouldn’t worry about us overproducing anything. It’ll be a very raw and loud album.
5. Do you consider TA to be a political band?
– I do not. We have some political songs, but by no means is that what we’re trying to achieve.

6. What is the hardcore scene in LA like? Do you all know each other? Does the scene only consist of kids or is there older people like myself (older than 30) going to shows as well?
– The hardcore scene in LA is amazing. There’s so many people involved and if you’ve been around for a while you most likely know most people. There are older people for sure. Lots of guys in bands or that have been in bands come out and support younger bands all the time.

7. Alpha&Omega did a show here recently, which was great. And Nails ” Unsilent death” is one of my favourite records at the moment. What do you think of them as bands? What is your favourite band coming from Los Angeles?
– I’ve known Luis from A&O since he was like 14 years old. He’s one of my closest friends. I don’t listen to a lot of stuff like Alpha and Omega, but I love them. They have great energy and their riffs are hard as hell. Nails are also our boys and yeah, their records are super good. Right now my favorite band out of LA is Joyce Manor. They’re the newest 6131 band. They sound like if Jawbreaker and Weezer wrote a record together.
8. I was away from the hardcore scene in Sweden for almost ten years before I got my interest back a year ago. I got fed up with the feeling of being in the most homogenous of places. Everybody looking the same, eating the same, talking the same etc etc. Are you familiar with that feeling?
– I think thats the pretty much the scene in general across the world. It’s easy to pigeonhole the whole thing. You just have to hope that no matter how someone may look or what their diet may be, they’re still being their own person with their own thoughts.
9. When can we hear your new album?
– We’re hoping for a Spring release date. We record in Mid-February.
10. The year of 2010 is coming to an end. Name five records you have been listening to a lot during this year. They don’t have to be new ones.

The National - High violet (Jeremy's favorite)

Tokyo Police Club - Champ

Envy - Recitation

Burning Love - Songs for burning lovers

Arcade Fire -The suburbs