Interview with Todd Jones of NAILS

NAILS "Unsilent death".

Nails started in December of 2007 and released their debut album Unsilent death on Southern lord earlier this year.
It’s a great fucking album. Hardcore punk right through. No chugga chugga metal hardcore crap, just plain gutripping.
I sent an email with a bunch of questions to the bands singer and guitarist Todd Jones.
He answered like he plays music. Short and fast.
What is the main goal for Nails?
– The main goal of Nails is to make music we like that inspires us.
I wanna smash things when I listen to Unsilent death. Where do you find the utter heaviness  of your sound?
– Haha thank you. I wish I could tell you.
Any particular sources of inspiration?
– Yes but I don’t like to indulge in that.
To me your lyrics are very straight forward and aggressive. What is your perspective on the lyrics?
– I’m glad you perceive them that way. That’s pretty much my perspective on the lyrics as well. I would like the aggressiveness and primal energy of the music to match the lyrics. Whether we accomplish that or not is not known but that’s the goal.
Do you consider Nails being a political band?
– Political in the sense of government, no.
Are you involved with the hardcore scene in LA? If yes, what’s it like? All friendly and supporting, narrow minded, destroyed by fashion people or … ?
– I can’t say that I am. The regional scene I’ve always been involved in was Ventura/Oxnard/Santa Barbara. I lived in the Los Angeles area for 3 years but that was almost 10 years ago. The scene in Los Angeles seems cool from an outsiders view. I go to shows in Los Angeles approximately 6 times a year. I don’t throw shows there and I don’t talk to many kids from there so I am no authority on the subject of LAHC. I enjoy the shows I go to there, thats as far as I can really comment.
Your song Suffering soul has been on my mind or a while now, that’s an awesome crusty punch in the face sweaty pig of a song. Do you practice a lot?
– When we were writing Unsilent Death, we practiced once a week. We are writing right now, we will start practicing once a week in January.
What are you guys doing for a living?
– Taylor (Young, drums) is a recording engineer, John (Gianelli, bass) works at a surf shop, and I work in Information Technology.
The year of 2010 is coming to an end. Could you name five records or bands that you’ve been listening to a lot this year?
– I prefer to name records that came out in 2010. 5 records that I’ve been listening to that came out in 2010 are:

Innumerable forms "Dark worship".

Thou "Summit".

Sex Prisoner 7".

Triptykon "Eparistera daimones".

Skin Like Iron "Descent Into Light".

When the New Lows “Harvest Of The Carcass” comes , that will dominate my stereo.
Is it true that you’re heading for Stockholm in march next year?
– Unfortunately no. We had to cancel our EU tour next year. Sorry.
Nails, Converge, All pigs must die, Kvelertak… all your records have been produced by Kurt Ballou. What is the thing with that man? He got magic fingers or what?
– It’s his ear. He’s obviously incredibly talented. If I had to pinpoint what it is, I’d say he knows how to get an incredibly clear tone that is still abrasive and threatening. What up Kurt?
When is your next record gonna be out?
– Unfortunately I can’t predict that right now. We have a few tunes that are in the beginning stages. Maybe end of 2011?
Thanks a lot for your time.
– Thank you for the interest. We appreciate it.

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