Interview with Nicktape in Coke Bust

Coke bust - Lines in the sand 12" is a remastered reissue featuring Fuck Bar Culture EP and early Demo recordings.

Coke Bust is a straight edge hardcore band from Washington DC. Their music has nothing to do with emo, screamo or metal chugga chugga, it’s just hard, fast and angry hardcore punk that it’s ment to be. The band come alive 2006 as a result of being bored to death.

Coke Bust is Nick, 24, Jubert20, Chris, 24 and Jeremy, 33.

After the first time I listened to their 12” ”Lines in the sand” I emailed them a bunch of questions. Here are the answers.

Håll till godo.

Nicktape wrote the answers.


How is the hardcore scene in DC doing?

The scene is really picking up. It goes in waves and stuff, but right now there are more kids coming out and more good shows. DC faces the problem that New York or San Francisco or LA face… tons of shows and kids get spoiled really easily and don’t care.


Do you consider Coke Bust being a political band?

Not really, no. Some of the lyrics might be about politics or relate to political issues, but I am not setting out to change anyone’s mind about about anything. I’m not knocking any political bands or movements, it’s just not for me. I am happy getting my message across and off my chest through the lyrics. I don’t feel the need to preach or anything. Maybe it’s just being from DC where there’s a strong divide between the so-called “PC” or “political” crowd (for lack of a better term). Frankly, I find most of those kids (the political ones) to be boring, self-righteous, and way too centered on image and social-cliquishness. There are certain issues that I follow and care more about than others, too though. My big thing is the legalization of drugs. But no, I don’t consider us to be a political band. We’re a hardcore band. We’re just four dudes who are into hardcore punk and living our lives.


One of the things I really like with Lines in the sand is that you sound angry for real. What make you so angry?

Yeah I mean it seems silly to fake it, haha. I don’t know, man. I think most people around here are angry. You’re from Sweden. Things are a lot nicer over there so maybe you just wouldn’t understand. Lots of stress. Worrying about being 3 minutes late to work. Waiting for the bus and sitting in traffic. Shit sucks, man. Stay in Sweden.


Is your song Slaves to democracy about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

No. That song is about developing nations and the opportunistic approach that the US has towards them.


What do you guys do for a living?

Chris walks dogs, Jubert goes to college and helps his dad with his landscaping business, Jeremy works at the electronics departement at Target, and I am a research analyst.


Is straight edge important for your’re existance as a band?

Absolutely. It is important for our existence in the sense that I wouldn’t want to be a band any more if the other guys weren’t straight edge.


If I turn up really piss drunk on one of your shows, would that be bad for me?

Well it’s bad for anyone to get “piss drunk”, but I get what you are asking and no… we would not beat you up. Haha. We don’t really care what other people do.


I read somewhere that you suggested hardcore people to turn their ears to Chicago and bands like Duress. Do you have any other favorite bands in mind?

Ruidiso Imuduncia. Direct Control. Stripmines. Rations. Mob Rules. Give. Magrudergrind. Ecoli.


The year of 2010 just ended. Please name five records you’ve been listening a lot to during last year.

They won’t all be new records, but here we go:

Annihilation Time – II

Slapshot – Sudden Death Overtime

In Disgust – everything

DRI – dirty rotten LP

In Control – the first seven inch.

Yeah none of those were new records! Oops!


What’s your next move? Any plans for come back to Europe?

Right now we’re laying kind of low. We just did a lot of stuff with recording the new EP, writing all those songs, and touring Europe. But we’re about to play some shows this spring and do a weekend with VACCINE from Boston. No plans to come back to europe yet. I’d love for it to happen though!


Thanx so much for your time. Hope to see you playing in Sweden some time.



Purchase Lines In The Sand at Six Weeks Records.


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  1. […] LP:n “Lines in the sand” var knäckande bra men jag vetefan om inte uppföljaren, EP:n “Degradation” är bättre. Det är hardcore enligt den gamla skolan, punkigt, hårt och snabbt utan att bli det minsta tråkigt. Coke Bust älskar tidiga Suicidal Tendencies (vilket är ett stort bevis på god smak) och det hörs lite. Nicktape har en mycket skrikigare stämma än Mike Muir men konsten att få med många ord på kort tid bemästrar han minst lika bra. Missa inte bandet Coke Bust. “Degradation” finns på ITunes. En intervju som jag gjort med Nicktape kan du läsa här. […]

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