Intervju med New Lows/New Lows interview

New Lows - Harvest of the carcass

Missat New Lows? Kolla genast upp! Det är tungt, skitigt och skrikigt. Det är producerat av Kurt Ballou och det hamras utav bara fan. För tillfället älskar jag det.
New Lows bildades i Boston, Massachusetts, 2006 utav anledningar som medlemmarna själva inte minns. ”Harvest of the carcass” är släppt på Deathwishinc och är bandets andra giv.
Här får ni en pinfärsk mejlintervju med sångaren Pboy. Den är på originalspråk, det vill säga english. Håll till godo.

Your sound makes me think of Discharge and early metal hardcore from US. But with lyrics a lot more nihilistic. What do you say about that?
– I will say thanks! Discharge ”Live the nightmare continues” was one of the first punk tapes I ever owned. There would be no aggressive music if not for Discharge or Napalm Death. England is a bleaker place for nihilistic material than New England, that is for sure.

What’s your approach on the lyrics?
– It is very organic. I’ll either shout over the songs to find a rhythm or I will usually get a phrase or set of words in my head and slowly write around it, almost freestyle. It usually all does come from a personal place, so the theme usually presents itself to me in the first few lines or words I write.

Are you a political band at all?
– No we are not, although some lyrics can sometimes approach the subject at times. We’re for the people.

Will you tour Europe and Sweden this year?
– I’ts something we are in the process of working out, but its still tough to say. We’re all older so can’t collectively find the time to tour a lot. Some of the guys wont be touring either so we will have friends filling in.

According to Deathwish inc your one of their heaviest acts, playing an important role in the play against soulless and plain overproduced metalcore. How do you like to describe the main goal of New Lows.
– We don’t really have any goals with this band, although finally getting this record out has certainly been an accomplishment for us, and we’re real proud of it. We do this because we love it. Nobody in the band is delusional enough to think or wants to get paid and live off of this, so we let ourselves have fun with it, and play when we can.

The opening riff of ”Stagnant strides” is so heavy I want to stage dive the floor and throw all furniture out my window every time I hear it. What’s the main source of inspiration to such heaviness?
– Amazingly to me we all contribute music to the band and have still been able to make it a cohesive sound. Although three people with varying tastes (although many similar) wrote riffs or structures for the songs it all blends together quite well. Shawn however, writes about 75 percent of the music and wrote all the songs for Think I Care (former band of several New Lows members), so he would be the better man to ask. He is my inspiration, I can tell you that much!

I want to praise you for the harsh production. I can’t stand hardcore music sounding like it’s been polished into lollipops.
– I want to thank you for that. Neither can I. Shawn Bredberg and Chris Corry can’t stand it either.

Choose one out of the two following: New Lows is a vegan straight edge hardcore pro-life band or New Lows is a meat eating band with drunkards who enjoy promiscuous sex and don’t care about genres?
– This is a democracy and I have a write in: New Lows only eats lobster tails, smokes dope and has consenual monogamous sex with condoms.

Boston, Massachusetts, seems to be a quite creative place to be in for heavy rock bands. Why is that?
– We got Aerosmith!!!!!!

Please name five of your all time favourite records.
– I hate these questions. Here are five HC records off the top of my head, although I could name them for days. I love music.

Jerry’s Kids – Is This My World?
SSD – Get It Away
Agnostic Front – Victim In Pain
Poison Idea – Pick Your King
Bad Brains – ROIR tape

Buy the album ”Harvest of the carcass” from Deathwishinc.


One Response to “Intervju med New Lows/New Lows interview”

  1. Great interview, great band!

    pretty sure its not produced by Kurt Ballou,though? Think its one of the guys from Mind Eraser?

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